Day Twenty Eight

Today’s IMG_0592topic is stress and how we deal with it…

There is stress when you have people coming, rooms that need attending, breakfast to be made but most of all – guests to welcome.  And I mean truly welcome!  You can’t really listen and interact with people if you are thinking of a million things.  We all have had the experience when we just know that the person we are talking to is not really listening.

We try very hard to put our guests first – followed closely and most significantly with excellent service.  If two friends are visiting New Plymouth for the first time, and keen to try a new restaurant during a cold rainy night – we’ll happily arrange transportation.  If someone has an early morning departure, way outside our normal breakfast hours, well then we are up with them to ensure they have some hot coffee and something to eat before getting on the road.  They don’t need us and our stresses involved in their experience.  Taking care of people doesn’t allow room for stress really – it gets in the way from what really matters.  (And I think if I were a mom, it would be a bit like taking care of a just seem to focus on what truly matters.)

We try to let the stress sit on the side a bit – so we can get on with our duties.  We have been known to have a bit of a laugh in the kitchen, dance around, pour a glass of wine, or run the tub, go for a run, play squash, cook, be with friends, enjoy our sunsets and a session at our local – just to let stress stay at bay.  Who needs it?