Day 29 – Trading Places 

Who would you trade places with for just one day?

I’d love to be a guest here.  To truly experience this house for the first time.  Walking in the front door, looking down the long hall.  Checking into my room, running a bath, pouring a lovely glass of wine to watch the sunset on the porch.

After a wander down town for some spicy Thai or Sushi, a night cap at Hour Glass.  Up early for a run on the Coast Walkway for the first time, beautiful breakfast with hot dark coffee overlooking the gardens.  Watching the fantails leap around the garden as I read the local, morning paper.

To see the House for the first time would be an amazing experience right about now….

That or Beyonce on stage, or my favorite author Ian McEwan or to be a wine maker…hmmm, choices choices choices.