Weston's Lessons: Lesson One


Ms, Weston joined us about four months ago.  She made this House a true Home for us, has delighted guests that like dogs, and been so quiet that many have asked “you have a dog?” once they spot her in the garden.

Each day we take a walk.  They started at 20 minutes and now we’re up to about an hour.  Each day, I set aside that time.  Some times I barely squeeze it in, others I relish in the time.  Much of it consists of stopping to smell and think.

It’s become my new time, outside my runs, to clear my head, mull over an issue, let my mind wander, be creative, and come up with ideas.

This sweet yellow dog has taught me so much over the short time we’ve been together.  Many lessons I’ve been shown before, but many are new.  They affect how I conduct my day, remind me of the type of person I’d like to be, and show me a small window into what it might be like to be a mom.  If I’m so blessed one day with my own family, this little dog will be one of the reasons I had the confidence to try.

I thought I’d share some of the lessons that Ms. Weston has taught me so far.

Lesson One:
The value of getting to know your neighbors, and your neighborhood.

Since we’ve had Weston, we’ve discovered an amazing park just across the street with view of the ocean and the mountain, stumbled across a public rose garden, gotten to know Back Beach, and Pukekura Park and found the burial place of the teacher to my favorite poet, Keats (who knew Keats was connected to New Plymouth!)

I’ve seen the parks in late winter and now early spring.  I know which grasses she loves to rub her cheeks against, to wear old sneakers as the dew gets so heavy it will wet your shoes right through to your socks, the value in bringing extra treats to spoil the other dogs too, and how much gardening and attention it actually takes to get those parks looking like they do.

We’ve been watching a new playground being built and the builders just love to stop and pet their almost-patient, muddy new friend.  We now are on ‘gday’ terms with them.

We’ve chatted with sweet elderly neighbors across the street with the most amazing garden, met people just walking by the front yard who’ve just had to stop to pet the little dog head peeking through the railings, met the owners of Bailey, PoPo, and the little black jack russell who’s name we’ve yet to catch.

Each day, Weston gets us out of the house and into the world around us no matter the weather or how busy we are.  We slowly get to discover new streets and always stop to greet and chat with those we see.

These walks make our lives richer, and our neighborhood greater.  All because of this sweet, silly, crazy and affectionate dog.