Lesson Three: Sitting pretty



When Weston sees people approaching her, or across the sidewalk, or running by, or generally sees anyone…

she sits and watches them.  She’s basically waiting for them to come and pet her.  The longer they take to do so, the longer we wait.

She’s definitely successful with this approach, it’s confirmation of good manners, that if you greet people nicely, with a smile, a good handshake and with warmth, that they will more likely respond positively.  We strive to give everyone crossing through our doors a warm welcome, help with their luggage, a cup of tea, a smile.  We want our guests to know how very much we love what we do, that we truly care about them having a good time while they are here.
Weston’s approach works. While it makes our walks longer, she gets more people coming up to her and saying “what a lovely dog”.  She most often replies by jumping on them and licking them profusely – but hey, she still has a lot to learn.