Lesson Nine: Discovery

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380On days that I don’t bring Weston to the beach for a swim, we walk in Pukekura Park.  She’s been walking here since she first came home to us, and is a favorite of the staff that work there.  (Well they always stop and pet her, so I assume she’s a favorite.)

We live just steps from an entrance into the park, and spent 9 months in the House before Ms. Weston arrived.  In that time I ventured into the park just a handful of times for a walk, preferring my runs on the walkway or going about my daily tasks.

Now, I know the Park.  Weston’s walks are rambles.  They are not quick, nor are they done quickly.  We take paths that look interesting, ones that I have no idea where they lead.  We stop to look at trees, benches, ducks, ponds and leaves.  We stop and say hello to all we encounter.  We take our time and we run… all in one walk.  Weston has swum in almost all of the bodes of water.  (Naughty puppy – she’s not supposed to.)

Her response to seeing the beautiful amphitheater of the Bowl of Brooklands was to slide in and swim with the ducks (all the while, I’m holding her leash, giggling and trying to firmly pull her out.)

Her response to discovering that the lion actually had water coming out of its mouth was to get in there and drink.

This little dog has helped me discover this amazing park.  When I first walked around it while visiting New Plymouth I thought, ehhh, it’s Ok but it’s no Central Park.

Nope it’s better, it’s ours and it’s just steps from the House.