Lesson Eight: Trust


Rodney recently re-built the back fence and there is a part where it meets one of our raised garden beds where Weston can sit and see over to our neighbor’s yard.  She’s been sitting there these past few weeks and just barking.

Bark bark bark.  Bark bark bark.

We’ve been running back there, scolding her.  I’ve assumed it’s just because she can see over, and she’s just marking her territory.  We’ve been a tad bit frustrated (ummm, that’s not how our neighbors would likely describe our loud desperate yells of “Weston!” echoing over the backyard.)

Just marking her territory.  Nope.  We were wrong.

There is a chicken in their backyard.  A chicken.  A chook.  A gorgeous, fat, high stepping chicken with a red frilly head.  Just wandering around his backyard…next to ours….in the city.   This New Yorker still has something to learn about life in New Zealand.

We’re hoping the fence holds, and now trust Ms. Weston’s bark bark bark.  There is something there.  Maybe they will share some eggs?