Public Catering Company


I get a bit giddy when new restaurants open in New Plymouth and I’m excited to say that we’ve had quite a few new openings lately.  The New York bar at the Nice Hotel, Monica’s, Social Kitchen, Prohibition…

The latest is in the new ‘Arts Quarter’ across from the Len Lye Centre, and in the White Heart building.  It is run by two hospitality gurus, hard working, creative and genuinely nice women, Jo & Deb and their talented staff.

The kitchen is open, the cabinet is full of both yummy baked goods, as well as salads and of course great coffee.  The design is a perfect blend of industrial chic with clean scandinavian lines (or that’s how I’d describe it.)

It reminds me of a great local London spot, where you can pop in, eat well, sit over a coffee and ponder life.  Even the entrance, tucked away a bit, makes you feel like you are arriving a quite the local destination.

A fabulous addition to our little city by the sea.  We will point our guests in this direction for sure!