Greatest Influence…

Struggling with a bit of the flu or a cold…so sorry for the sporadic blog posts.

DSC_0689Day Twenty Four’s challenge is to tell of our greatest influence.

Hands down, ours is Hotel Terra Vina, in the New Forest. Described as:

Luxury Boutique Hotel, the New Forest Hotel of Style and Chic, Hampshire

The picture above is of us at a Champagne tasting dinner.  This hotel is an amazing combination of modernity with welcoming comfort.  One of the owners is literally the world’s greatest sommelier, so the wine list is just perfect.  It’s in this quaint little town in the New Forest with wild horses running around.  There are amazing trail runs, roaring fires, impeccable service.  The cutest touches like local lavender products and wellies by the front door for guests to use.

Can’t wait to go back!