Day Nineteen was supposed to be a re-pin of an image from Pinterest.

As a small business owner we have so many options on how to spend our time, money and energy – especially concerned with marketing our business.

I love technology and what it can do to connect people. To see my sweet nephew’s maturing face and have a giggle with him via skype is pure genius.

But with all of the choices – blogging, website, email campaigns, Twitter, Facebook and on and on…you need to make your choices. I love telling the story of Hosking House on this blog and love the fact I can share photos and document the creation of this dream.

The flip side is the question of where and how and how much I want to tell this story.

I am verbose, so keeping to the confines of Twitter is a bit too constraining. With Pinterest, I hit the technology wall. After many more minutes than it should have taken, I had to give up yesterday trying to get my ‘Pin’ to show up on this blog. It’s been a great tool to show a bride what I was thinking for her ceremony and I am sure would be a great addition to this blog but I just couldn’t figure it out, no matter how many times I googled ‘how to add pinterest to wordpress’. The widget wouldn’t load, end of story.

But there are guests to write back to, this blog to write, floors to sweep, and a balance to be had.

I draw the line at Pinterest on my blog. I raise my white flag and it brings me such relief!