Challenge to tell the story…


Over the weekend, I attended The NZ Creativity Challenge.  It was two days filled with Creative people, ideas, plans and energy.  One of the most significant plans of action that I took away from this fabulous conference was a 30 day blogging challenge laid down by Bridget Roper and Sonya Cole from Cue Social Media.  When I originally typed in the new tag of Thirty Day Challenge, I wrote Thirsty instead of Thirty…and it seems quite right, so it will be a Thirsty Day Challenge for me. 

The story of the Making and now Running of Hosking House is happening, and I’m excited to tell each detail. As you can see from the photo above, the House is Use!  The build is over, but there are stories still to be told about each room.  The garden has been through Spring, Summer and now Autumn, but the rich details have yet to be entirely shared.  New Plymouth has had new restaurants open, we’ve discovered our new ‘local’ and made many new friends and have had amazing experiences…and I can’t wait to describe and share them. 

This blog also needs to find a new home (directly on our website) so that we can promote Hosking House to the best our technical ability. 

I hope you’ll join me for the next 30/Thirsty days!