Welcome parade…

We have just enjoyed a long, relaxing vacation ‘back home’ in the U.S. and are rejuvenated and ready for our busy season to start.  We started the trip in Oregon to visit with my gorgeous cousin and her wonderful, handsome husband who rolled out the red carpet for us in their amazing town of Ashland, then were greeted after a late night flight in JFK with my sweet aunt and mom shouting “Oi, OI” to claim these tired travelers at baggage claim.  My aunt and uncle put on an epic spread, with Oregon wines to greet us for the next leg of the trip in New York.  Many laughs, hugs and giggles later we headed to Mom’s.  The next day was a quick shopping day on Long Island, with visits to many grocery and wine stores to stock up for the main part of the trip – a week for Rodney, mom and I in Davis Park, on Fire Island.

I spent many summer days in Davis Park as a teenager.  It’s just a 20 minute ferry ride from my home town, and offered half price ferry rides for teenagers on Thursdays.  We’d get someone’s parents to drop us off at the first ferry, and another’s to pick us up at the last.  I remember coming home, salty, sun burned, wind-blown, body surfed and boogie-boarded out and Ioved the peace of the late day ferry ride, big sweater on crispy shoulders and just feeling so content after a day with friends and the beach.

We brought Rodney here last year and he just loved it.  There are no cars, the houses are wood, quaint and basic.  All are a short 2-3 minute walk from the beach.  There is one store (hence the many shopping trips for food and wine,) and one restaurant and bar.  People bring all of their supplies with them and there is a large lot of red wagons at the ferry to bring it all back to your house.   It was an epic week for us.  We slept, swam, read, ran, ate, drank, walked on the beach, talked and connected with our lovely family and friends who came to stay with us.

We then had a few nights in Manhattan to shop, see friends, have some romantic time and I got to get my annual Central Park runs in to imagine the life that I could have built here, the plans I made years ago to move home from San Fransisco, and to pray for those affected by September 11th.

So now we’re back in New Plymouth.  After 30+ hours of travel, I arrived home with two huge packed suitcases and began the task of unpacking (kind of fun after visits to Lululemon, Zara and Bloomingdales =)  Right in the midst of this activity and before a chance to shower – the door bell rang and we had a lovely couple on our front door step asking if we had availability for the night.  It felt so great to welcome them and open the doors to the House straight away.

During my first run back home this morning, I was greeted by a sleeping giant seal stretched across the walkway, a horse with a way faster pace along side of me on the beach and the opening of our favorite summer spot.  A true New Plymouth “welcome home!”

I find such joy that we get to experience the beauty and peace of two such amazing places and find a connected sense of place in both beaches here and on Fire Island.

As the end of this year will bring some transitions for me – it is so very powerful to know, deep in my soul, that I am building the life of my dreams, surrounded by such amazing people near and far, and that my passion is for this House and those who we are lucky enough to welcome to it.

Off to make a bed,