Jar 1/2 empty


I started a new ritual when I moved into the House….when I fit a run into the day, I grab a shell from the beach in the middle of it and put it into a jar.

I had no idea what I’d actually do with the shells once they filled the jar, rather I just loved that part of the run…seeking a beautiful shell, or rock during a hard one, that represented the fact that I actually managed to put the shoes on and make it out the door.

This month, I finally filled the jar for the first time – and put the shells into the garden as a make-shift type of mulch.  Ms. Weston has proceeded to find the smelliest ones and carry them all around the garden as a sort of canine appetizer.

I am back to square one… the jar is empty and I need to find bits of beauty in the midst of effort and daily life.  A great life pursuit!