Weird Habit

Hmmm, the topic for today is to describe a weird habit that you have.


I can’t think of that many weird habits going on here at Hosking House but we are starting to develop some interesting ones..

  • Oddly the two brides and grooms that have stayed with us have both used Petal and Prickle florist.  Out of all the florist’s in New Plymouth, weird that they both used the same one huh?
  • As those who know me well, know that I am quite quiet and at my introverted best in the mornings.  I actually have grown to love the quiet of the early morning….but I like to ease into the day quietly, reading the paper, having a walk in the garden, a steaming mug of Ozone in hand…hence, Rod is the one you’ll most likely see the most of in the morning.  He wakes up immediately chipper, full energy, steam ahead to greet the glory of the day…my little steam engine takes some time to get into full sprint.
  • We’ve developed a pattern based on our strengths – Rod cleans the bathrooms and makes the bed, where I dust, vacuum and replace all the bits and pieces like coffee cups, chocolates etc. in each room
  • We’ve come to love sunsets, and a glass of wine on the front porch – our greatest end of the day habit.  The sun sets right in front of the house, we get to say ‘gday’ to those walking past, have enjoyed the company of friends and each other on our two-seater Adirondack chair set.  It’s a habit I’ve come to love.