IMG_0641Day Twenty – Three Passions is the challenge today.  (And no, it’s not all wine focused – just loved this plate.)

We have a healthy does of Passion here at Hosking House.  The passion for this dream has kept us going these past few months.

1.  One Victoria Road
Our first passion is for this house.  Its charm, character, history, gardens, front porch, entry hall, guest lounge, cozy New York Suite, expansive Taranaki suite, stunning London suite, roaring fire, gorgeous, big kitchen, french fire grate, walk in pantry, black and white tiled bathroom.  We fell in love the minute we saw it.  Our dream was laid out in front of us just by seeing it.

2.  Our Guests
Whether they are friends coming around for dinner or a wine, people popping in on a weekend and getting us out of the garden for a catch up, or guests staying with us – we kind of treat them all in a similar manner.  Opening our doors, ensuring they are well fed and hydrated, experience the best this city has to offer and leave feeling well taken care of.

3.  Taranaki & New Plymouth
We are passionate about all that this Provence and City have to offer.  Runs on the walkway, through the parks and up the mountain – a lovely glass of Zinfandel and friendly service from our New Local, the Hourglass – Interesting talks, exhibitions and artists from Real TART, Govett Brewster, and Puke Ariki – camping at the beach at Urenui – Kayaking at the Port with a quick wine at Pipi’s – Golf at one of the local spots – Wine Club with the New Plymouth Wine Club folks – Festivals such as the Festival of Lights, Surf Festival and Garden Spectacular.  We love this place – it’s Like No Other.