Today’s post is “Tell us about your worst job, best job, and dream job.”

I started off my career in the hospitality industry. 5:00 am at the Bagel store led to a very successful career at TCBY yogurt (you get to keep the ‘mistakes” of which I made a career of,) to an epic run as a bartender throughout college/university and then a post degree run and summer series as a a waitress. Let’s just say that once I obtained my degree, and left school I could not wait for an end to ‘nights and weekends’ and wanted no more than to get a ‘real job’ sitting at a desk. So I guess at that point in my life, serving other people and especially during the hours that I wanted to be the one being served, went from being the way I managed to put myself through school to my worst….job…ever. I kind of hated the idea of serving people at that point in my life…

I had big dreams of working 9-5, (just a slight Dolly Parton reference minus some bits.)

Fast forward a few years. Years spent in offices, working first in publishing, then online advertising, then corporate events. I’ve always been in sales and marketing…talking, writing, persuading…and ultimately serving…

So now on to my best and dream job. It’s this one. I get to use all the best bits of my skills, writing, marketing, selling, serving, creativity, dreamy-ness, and basically just ensuring people have a good time.

And if need be, I can revert back to giving out shots to do so. But no more getting on top of bars at this stage in my life. Girl’s gotta have standards!