Humble Beginnings

Day four’s theme is a “Childhood Memory.”  Bit hard to do from the perspective of Hosking House, but we’ll tell about our beginnings.

We were out at my local pub in Chiswick, London, very early days for us.  We were talking about what we ultimately love to do in life, and Rod starting explaining that he’d love to own a little in or bed and breakfast one day.

I was astounded…and asked him if my Aunt or Mom had called him to tell him what to say to woo me.  After a few years of living in London, and traveling a lot…owning a bed & breakfast was at the top of my bucket list…but only was a dream.

Once we moved here to New Plymouth, there was a turnkey bed and breakfast on the market, Issey Manor.  Long story short, after putting in a bid, having it accepted, we had a long weeks wait to find out that we lost out on it.  We thought our dream would just have to wait awhile…and we went off and got proper jobs.

Well, we now live exactly across the street from Issey Manor…and our story has a very happy ending.