Hidden Talents…


It’s a bit of make up post tonight, as I was trying to take a good video of our ‘hidden talents’…our huge, vibrant gardens!   (But alas, it’s a bit boring to watch a video that amounts basically to someone walking around gardens – the best bit was my friend the fantail was at his chirping and stalking best, so there is a bird flitering about.  So I’ll save you from the boring video.  Shout if you want a copy =)

The gardens are amazing and the best bit is watching people react the first time they see them.  The House looks quite small and unassuming from the front…but once you either walk around the backyard, or get your first glimpse from the guest lounge you get to see it’s three-tiered glory.  We are blessed by the talents of the gardeners who created this space.  From the extensive irrigation system, to rainwater run off caught in a sweet old drum, to the lemons, feijoas, herbs, and what we think are Mandarin oranges…each season has brought surprise.

Our gorgeous hidden talent!