Dream maker

Dream maker

I am digressing from the 30-day challenge to pay homage to a person in my life who truly has made my dreams come true.

I am not a mom. That said I’ve had some experience around mom’s for the past almost 40 years of my life, from being around my own, to watching my friends all become mommies, whilst my life took different turns.

One thing I know is true – I don’t think it’s easy being far away from your children. I actually cringe when I hear the phrase “being a parent is like having your hear walk around outside your body.”

My story is that I haven’t lived in NY since a year after graduating from college/university. What started as a conversation with my mom, promising, “it will just be a year or two mom, I promise” once I had the job offer to move to San Francisco, I’ve never actually made it back to New York.

My mom is a champion. Her support and ultimate encouragement to me to follow my heart, and her simple but strong words, of ‘go for it’ have been the wings to my soul.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I miss you so much that you are always, always with me. Thank you for being a part of New Zealand with me. I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Love, your pinks.