The theme today is favorite (or favourite) food….

We serve a robust continental breakfast here at Hosking House with home made breads with spreads ranging from peanut butter to vegemite, greek yogurt, cereals, juices, fresh fruit and coffee and tea.

We also give guests the choice of a cooked breakfast to start their day.  Late Summer/early Autumn menus offers either the “Full Kiwi” including eggs as you like them, bacon, sausage or smoked salmon and home grown tomato and avocado salad, or Hosking House mushrooms on home made, wholemeal toast with pan fried mushrooms, and home grown garlic and rosemary and a fried egg.

Some how the Hosking House Mushrooms on toast is becoming a hit!

Creamy, lemony, garlicky and just plain delicious! These mushrooms are best served on thick slices of sourdough toast topped with fried eggs #foodgawker

As we transition into the Autumn/early Winter breakfast menu they may need to stay.  Cook books are being piled to see what other fun things we can add.

Please leave your favorite holiday or hotel breakfast in the comments….who knows we may just add it to the menu!