Day Thirty – Reflection…

So, the last day of the thirty day challenge and I’m over two weeks late in posting it.  Today’s post is a reflection on the experience of writing/blogging for thirty days straight.

A few thoughts – calming, grounding, enriching, powerful.  Bottom line I LOVED it.  Writing allows me to tap into a bit of peace and makes me feel like an artist even though I’m not.  I love the written word and I’ve learned that it’s how I express myself best.  To be able to focus and express how it feels to make a dream come true like we’ve done here at Hosking House is exactly what I need to make the experience seem real.  My days are the busiest they’ve ever been in my life – but each thing I do for this business does not feel like work.  After 20+ years of working professionally, this is the first time where it all clicks.

Some people know what they want to be when they grow up from a young age.  It’s just taken me a few more decades….I guess as a young girl growing up in suburban Long Island, being an innkeeper in Taranaki, New Zealand wasn’t on my career radar.

I am so very glad I took up the blogging challenge – and do hope I get into a very regular pattern of writing.  The reason that this late is that two weeks ago, a new resident joined us here at Hosking House.  Meet Weston!  Stories and many many pictures to come….

DSC_0356Now back to sitting on the kitchen floor and playing with her in between meals and naps….no place I’d rather be =)  CHEERS!