Day Seventeen

The theme today is SPORT!  Favourite team, favourite event you have attended, anecdote

Hmmm, the favorite team here is split – Rod supports the All Blacks and I support Wales.  But the sport is the same – rugby!  One of our first dates was a trip to Wales to watch the two play together.  Fun weekend indeed!

Favorite event was hands down the Rugby World Cup here in New Zealand.  It was my first time here and the whole country was in support.  I loved seeing the hand made signs on barns and in front yards.  We watched the US play Australia in Wellington and the Welsh play Nigeria here on a spectacularly beautiful day in New Plymouth.

Anecdotes:My favorite sport to participate in is running.  During my first Ultra Marathon in Wales, Rod was so supportive and involved – racing from check point to check point, boot of the car wide open and filled with water, snacks, food, and band aids that one fellow runner commented after leaving his personal aid station that the support on the course was amazing, and that the volunteers were so helpful.  I had to let her know that Rod didn’t actually work for the event, that he was my boyfriend – but that he was that supportive in real life as well.