Country we'd like to visit

DSC_1024The theme today is to identify a country we’d like to visit.

Hmmm….well our story is a bit of the opposite.  Before our paths crossed we had both been living in London and traveling quite a bit around Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East.   We met in Berlin, and have been blessed to spend time together in Italy (where this photo was taken,) throughout Wales & England, and in California.

We’ve seen a bit of the world – and that wanderlust and travel have changed us, opened our minds and made our world a small, connected place.

We’re here, putting in some roots, getting to know ‘the locals’ and putting away our suitcases for a bit.  There are many countries we’d like to visit, and many we’d love to go back to (I’d kill to have an afternoon in a pub with Friends in London, or take the Eurostar to Paris right about now, and am hankering for shopping trips to Milan for dresses and Berlin for boots,)

But for now, 1 Victoria Road will do just nicely.