Actually or potentially…

Day Twenty One.  Today’s challenge is to reveal our Achilles hell.

I love this definition:  An Achilles’ heel is a deadly weakness in spite of overall strength, that can actually or potentially lead to downfall.

This was a tough one.  Not because we/this business does not have weaknesses, but what is our deadly one?

I’ve settled on our work ethic.  There have been days and weeks leading to months where we’ve been so heads down in our daily tasks that we haven’t come up for air.  As a couple trying to stay a couple during all of this – it’s taken its toll.

Who wants to stay at a place where there is no soul?  No creativity?  No passion?  All function and no beauty?  Run by people who haven’t left their own house in awhile? All of these things need peace, and time to nurture.  None of these things can be forced – all must be fostered and have room.

We recently traveled to Wanaka for a wedding of dear friends, one from our London days.    It was my first time in the South Island and our first long vacation since we arrived in New Zealand.
It put back the steam in our engines and allowed us to remember of bit of who we were and what we love.  Travel, new experiences, good friends, amazing wine and food and we laughed a lot.

In spite of overall strength…
Actual or potential downfall….
Let’s hope for the latter and work for better balance.