Day Ten:

Million-Dollar Question…
Why do you blog?

There are so many reasons that creating and maintaining this blog is important to me…..

This experience of making a dream come true is so precious to me, that I had to document it.   Our days are so full on, that they go by so very quickly.  I knew that this experience could feel like it went by in a blink of an eye unless I documented it.

I do believe that I share just a bit of myself with my guests as we share this great House.  This blog is a way of continuing that.

I live thousands of miles away from my friends and family in New York, San Francisco and London – so I kind of do it for my mom =)

I really enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading.  It excites me to find the right words, to share thoughts about this amazing place I now call home and to sit and commit to doing it.  It makes me feel that I did not work nights, weekends and summers to pay for my degree in English for nothing.

I hope to make it into a book one day.  Booom – big dream.