New Category!

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I’m starting a new blog category today – to share all of the wonderful projects that come out of Rodney’s Man Shed.

In the back of the house, under the garage is a really pretty room, with a wall of windows and direct access to the garden.  When we saw it, it was set up as a woodworking workshop and I could tell how excited Rodney was to make it his own.  I had other plans, and saw how it could become a really quaint guest room.  Rod quickly went to work producing amazing things – so he won.  I figure as long as he keeps making such lovely additions to the House and our Home, well then, the man shed can stay.

Here is just one example of what he gets up to on Weekend mornings (while I’m still having coffee, or out for a run.  Puts me to shame.)

There is a beautiful little archway in the middle of the garden that separates the top from the bottom levels.  There are lovely pots filled with bulbs, and a gorgeous orange rose bush that is wrapped around the top.  The issue was that the pathway under the archway was originally made of tiles. Tiles that became quite slippery with dew or rain.  (We had one epic episode where a representative from the local garden festival came to visit and see the garden to evaluate if it could one day make it into the festival.  She quickly slipped down the pathway – needless to say, we haven’t heard back about our inclusion in the festival and think we can scratch it from our wishlist.)

In a weekend, Rodney whipped up new frames and filled them with less-slippery rocks.  The new pathway now matches the one we have going up to the vegetable beds and looks beautiful.

Just one product coming out of the man shed.  It can stay, for now.