Latest project – Adirondack Chairs


When I was going through a tough time in my 20’s, I began using the scene of sitting by the sea in an Adirondack chair to bring some peace and beauty into my day.  I practised a bit of meditation by using all of my senses to experience that scene and bring it literally into my life.  What the chair felt like under my hand, what color it was, what the sea smelt like, what I heard, the warm sun on my face…

For my birthday this year, I asked for a couple of Adirondack chairs to put out near the House.  This way, I could pop out during the buzz breakfast service to sit with a cup of coffee for a few minutes, or with a glass of wine after check ins, to celebrate the end of the day of a busy day.

I quite often am racing from the minute I get up, to the last check in….and am amazed that I actually feed all of those people, get them on their way, change over all the rooms, and welcome new guests – that I fit it all in.  A race that is repeated quite often this time of year.  So having bits of time to relish a bit of quiet, fill up my cup, and mark milestones is a necessity, and I am a stickler for beautiful things, so these just make me smile.

There is something that I just love about these chairs, sinking into one and appreciating the view.

These are the latest project to come out of the Man Shed – built, painted and just filled with love!  A wonderful addition to the House!