Kiwi Christmas Trees

IMG_1706 IMG_1705

These beautiful Pohutukawa trees took my breathe away on the walkway during my run yesterday (or they were my excuse to stop and rest a bit.)

They are in their full glory during Christmas time here and we are lucky to have them lining a good part of the walkway.

I am learning new ways and traditions to celebrate this time of year.  At times we miss the London pub culture, and I miss San Francisco’s dungeness crabs, or New York’s grand department store fronts all decorated.

I guess these trees are a bit of New Plymouth’s own window front.  (Stretching, I know.)

I loved reading this article on The Huffington Post today – 10 Lessons about living abroad 

The writer embraces “Nutella moments”, moments of such glory that make all of the challenges worth it (like trying Nutella for the first time, or for me, sitting in a cafe enjoying my first French rosé in Provence.)

She writes of the importance of letting go of things, stuff…“Now I smile and shake my head at the thought that a reluctance to part with the paraphernalia of my life to that point could have stood in the way of launching the new life I’ve enjoyed all these years since.”  An amazing description when I remember all my ex-husband and I had to do to leave San Francisco and the beautiful home we had just started to build.

Most of all, my favorite, “To bloom where I’ve planted myself…”

The Pohutukawa blooms remind me to celebrate this beautiful place that I now call home.  Sweet as, indeed.