Restaurant Review: Frederics


Fredrics is the first restaurant I experienced in New Plymouth.  Before we even thought of moving here, we visited from London and Rod’s parents took us here.

We started with a drink in the swank, vibrant bar and then headed upstairs to the dining room.  It had been awhile since Rod had been home and hadn’t been here before either….we were then, and continue to be now, very impressed by this local favorite.

When I recommend Frederics (or Freddies as some locals call it,) to guests, I have a hard time describing it quickly.  It’s a great bar/pub, with an extensive beer and wine menu, great snack and small plates and a full menu.  They play the major sports so a great spot to watch rugby or visit for the afterwork crowd atmosphere.  Plus upstairs, there is a beautiful, warm dining room.  The food is really wonderful, and they change their menu often enough so you can find your favorites but not get bored.

They have been hosting amazing dinners featuring wild food, or a beer and wine pairing competition.  (The beer won almost every time for me…shocking!)

It’s just a really, really, good local spot that we are happy to visit frequently and so very happy to refer our guests to!

Just another reason we love living in New Plymouthg!