Going to the effort


We often welcome guests who have travelled to be together…this past weekend we hosted a mother and daughter who were joining with extensive family to celebrate a 90th birthday, and a group of women coming together for a ‘girls weekend,’ to connect.

It is so sweet to hear of their stories, and the distances they’ve travelled both literally and figuratively, to come together.  The reasons may vary, but the underlying purpose is universal and clear – love.

People make the time, travel the distance, spend the money and make the effort to be with the ones they love.  One of the greatest truths that I’ve learned over and over in my life is that love is a verb.  Love is expressed via action, not words.

As I live very far from my family and the majority of my friends, weekends like this, the 4th of July, can be a bit tough.  It is hard to sit a look at the dozens of posts on Facebook of those I love celebrating together…it’s hard to even know when to celebrate.  Do I choose our 4th or their 4th?

Why even bother?

My dear friend Melody’s efforts yesterday answered that question for me loud and clearly.  She hosted a beautiful, sweet, fun and wonderful 4th of July party.  She went to the effort and it was fabulous.

Even though it’s winter here (we explained to the non-Americans that the 4th was usually spent at the beach or at a lake under the hot sun) and there were a few showers, even though it’s not the season for typical barbecue food, and that the day fell on a work night…even though there were many excuses that could lead to not even bothering celebrating…she created a fabulous event.  American flags and red white and blue everywhere, great cocktails, games and a pie eating contest, American music, ribs and even fireworks….it was festive, kids were running around happy, and everyone had a taste of a 4th celebration.

It’s sometimes easier to shy away from the effort.  There are many excuses…distance, commitments, money, time, work…  In the end, we come together and make the effort because we put love above anything else.

Thanks for putting in the effort my friend!