Week Two…

WOW – there has been a lot going on ‘behind the scenes’ in the making of Hosking House. We started the process  with a few ‘meetings’ and immediately determined roles and responsibilities.

Rodney is in charge of:  Build, Grounds, Sky (as in TV, not the general clouds and blueness.)  I am tasked with: Marketing, Website, Guest Relations (watch out Trip Advisor, I’m all over you =)

We will share budgeting, and the design.  There have been endless late night talks and sleeplessness.  Our heads are spinning with all that needs to be done to create rooms with ensuite bathrooms, begin marketing the property, all that needs to be purchased, and creating what exists as a dream in our head into an actual style and design.  We move in on September 28th, just 11 days from now!

We’ve made a lot of progress, and have competitive quotes in for the logo, website, bedroom furniture, electronics, and duvets and pillows. We are determined to use local providers for everything we can.  This means sourcing local wool duvets, pillows and even using local electronic stores vs. the ‘big chain’ one.  We want local honey at breakfast and wines in the fridge, New Zealand art on the walls, sculptures in the garden, to grow our own ingredients, make our own bread (making very handy use of the bread maker I received this year for my birthday present,) and to become a true part of the local New Plymouth community.  We hope to give back by donating 10% of our room nights to local charities.

We will begin showing pictures from the house and will document the entire build – with many before/after pictures and videos.  There is a great sense of responsibility to keep the charm and good bones of this 100+ year old house whilst creating a fresh, contemporary style.

It’s EXCITING, daunting, scary and wonderful.  We are trying to do all of this with an air of excitement and creativity whilst ensuring we leave time just to be a couple outside of all of the good-stress.  That means some time for wine whilst watching the sunset from the beach, rounds of golf, and plenty of barbeques.

I sneak looks at the pictures above to remind me that there are many mornings at this beautiful breakfast table awaiting me…and I can’t wait to fill that pantry and welcome many guests and friends to meals made in this amazing kitchen.   Big, deep smiles =)

4 thoughts on “Week Two…

  1. It feels exciting to read your words! I can picture the transformation unfolding, smell sawdust in the air, and hear the thump of nailguns & smell the grass being mowed. Fluff up the duvets and fold the towels just so….then savor a nice glass of SB. I can’t wait to see…

    1. Ahh Bets. Thank you for the virtual hug. I cannot wait to welcome you and Chris, travelers and adventurers that you are, into this house….and cannot wait to hear about your next adventure!

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