Week Eleven

At this point the major construction was winding up.  The plumbing was in, electricians putting the final plugs in and the jib was nearly finished.  It was time to start putting in the decorative touches.

Our major goal in creating the ensuites that needed to go into each room was to ensure they did not block the light coming into the rooms.  We love rooms with lots of natural light, and were blessed that the rooms all had beautiful large windows.  Our problem was that where we had to create some of the ensuites was directly in front of some of the largest windows.

When we described our goal to the draftsman, he almost immediately came up with the idea of creating open ‘louvers’ to separate the bathrooms from the bedrooms.  They would allow light in, but still give a lot of privacy.  The best thing is that they would give us some texture with the natural wood and were a chance for Rod to be a bit creative building them.

This was definitely a time where we had to trust our gut, and overall vision for the space.  Who knew truly what the final finish would look like?  But as the wood arrived, Rod worked his magic,d we began to see how beautiful they were – and how such a hand crafted feature would be a perfect addition to the rooms.

Now installed they add a rich texture and finish.  They are unique, and functional – and truly a custom part of Hosking House.