Week Twelve

DSC_0215Back to the story of the “Making of Hosking House”…..

When we last left off, we were finishing the construction and starting to get our heads around budgets and for me the next stage was – DECORATING.

This has been an amazing journey.  I have never undertaken construction in a home I’ve lived in, nor had to decorate a home for business purposes.  Add to that living in a new city, in a new country, not knowing where to shop and you get a good idea of the frenzy I’d worked myself into.
I kept going to places that I liked, picking up the price tags, sighing and walking back out.  We needed to create a luxurious, modern, traditional, elegant, accessible space that appealed to male and female domestic and international travelers.  Just reading that sentence made me want to sink into a deep chair with a lovely pour of red wine.

I was lost.  I had a clear vision in my mind of the finished product….but couldn’t figure out how to start.
Until we met Megan.

One weekend we went to see a show home of a local builder in the Bell Block neighborhood.  One walk through was all it took and I knew the interior designer was some one with true talent and a clear, bold and beautiful vision.  We talked to the owners, and they commented on how lovely she was to work with, that they were able to bring their ideas to her for a true collaboration of ideas and how creative she was.

So with my goals in mind, ‘small business’ pressures, and after weeks of being surrounded by a male partner, male builders, electricians, plumbers, gib stoppers…lots of male opinions, I met with Megan Ekdahl, Interior Designer.

Megan came to see 1 Victoria Road, and we were met with the same excitement and energy that we encountered from our other partners and suppliers.  She loved the bones of the house, our vision for a clean neutral palette, and understood our small business needs.  Megan confirmed our choices, challenged us with new design elements, and introduced us to linens, furniture lines and stores we could never have found.

I came back from meeting with her in her amazing studio, literally with tears of joy (and connecting with my girly side.)  I was so happy to be done with the sawdust, build, and construction and happy to start decorating.

Life lesson that I’ve always needed to learn – to ask for help.   Well, learned.