Week Three

Things are FULL steam ahead here, and all efforts (aside from our other jobs that is,) are focused on the creation of Hosking House.  In the past week we’ve:

  • Chosen vendors:  for logo/website, builder, draftsmen, and furniture
  • Begun choosing fabrics
  • Purchased 3 dressers, 5 chairs, and one unique drinks cabinet (the latter might be for our area, but hey, girl’s gotta stay hydrated)
  • Driven 10+ hours to pick up furniture
  • Confirmed plans.  The kind draftsman drew them up in less than 24 hours and submitted them to the council
  • Chosen a Logo!
  • Found renters for the current house
  • Met with our consultants, the owners of Issey Manor and soaked in their kindness and knowledge whilst sipping lovely bubbly and enjoying nourishing nibbles
  • Had a morning resting in the sun at Mt Maunganui and enjoyed being still for a moment
  • Talked almost non-stop from dawn until dusk about all of our Hosking House ideas

We are so excited, so much so that everything has become a part of this project.  We even made these burgers, and took a picture to show just exactly the quality and style that a Hosking House burger would have.  (Hmmm, don’t think luxury, boutique accommodation = burgers, but hey, we have to eat and so will our guests.)

We are in the midst of packing up, and move into 1 Victoria on Friday.  Sparkling is purchased and in the fridge.

This is a true team effort already.   Everyone we are working with and talking to, have jumped on board with our enthusiasm and need to move quickly, be creative and stay under budget.

Stay tuned for updates showing the progress, and the official launch of Hosking House.  Doors open to us on Friday, to our guests in early November.  If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to see the work in progress.

We’ll definitely share some cold beverages, and maybe a burger.