Week Five

“You can’t make a cake without breaking eggs…”

It is with great excitement, much humility, some gumption, many kind sets of hands and unmeasured hard work that the construction time of turning Hosking House from our home into a business begins….

Carpets are being rolled up…..

Doors and trim removed….

Spaces transformed into bedrooms…

Bedroom spaces into bathrooms…

Dreams are being released from our heads…thoughts of claw footed tubs, baths under chandeliers whilst sipping a glass of crisp wine are beginning to be turned into a reality…

The proverbial eggs are being broken.  We are living in a build site, amongst moving boxes, dirt and dust tracked in, still unpacking.  The budget looks scary and bank accounts are small…










But we are not doing it alone, nor without a healthy dose of humor and reality.  Days are quickly going by, we are still going to our real-jobs each day and struggling to make time for long skype chats and time with family and friends, and trying to remember each other so we don’t break open ourselves.

Living the dream?!?  And as a dear, dear friend and mother of 3 young boys reminded me today – “swamped with…details of life…just trying to remember to enjoy the journey as days and weeks fly by…”  Thank you Jen, heading out for a run now.

One thought on “Week Five

  1. Hosking House is already looking and sounding fabulous! I love reading about the progress you guys are making. Gives me excited goose bumps every time! xx

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