Week Four

We’ve gone a bit quiet on the blog – as life has gotten quite loud at the ‘making of Hosking House.’ Week 4 saw the big move, as 1 Victoria first became our home and work started immediately on turning it into the business and space that will become Hosking House.

The move day went amazing smoothly – and the team at Hookers once again transported our treasured belongings with great care.  The first time it was over the great distance from London to New Plymouth, so this trip of a few blocks was more symbolic than it was long.

I don’t like to think of myself as someone who values ‘things” more than experiences or people.  But having gone through a rather challenging period in my life, and having personally traveled great distances (both literally and figuratively) to get here to 1 Victoria Road, I am amazed at the soothing and comforting feelings I am experiencing by being around my ‘things’.  Photos of family are unpacked, polished at set about with great care.  I am spending hours putting away the small amount of dishes we have in just the right positions in the pantry.  I debate for way longer than I should, just where pieces of furniture are going.  The music is on, the place looks a bit like a chaotic moving zone as boxes are stacked up…but this process of first making this amazing house a home, (and hopefully a truly beautiful and welcoming one,) is something that I am truly valuing, cherishing and honoring.

I don’t want to rush this period as the doors will soon open to guests who too have traveled great distances to get here.  They will not be around their familiar ‘things’ but we hope to surround them with beauty and comfort, and to create a space and place that they will leave feeling well fed, well taken care of, and that they will remember.

So now, back to the boxes, the long to-do list…the doors have opened!

2 thoughts on “Week Four

  1. Very exciting I can’t wait to be a guest one day! You have both welcomed me in to your home before and I hold the memory of that long weekend in London very dearly.

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