There is a time for everything…

DSC_0552A big part of this business, is being present and witnessing the epic moments of life.  In the past few weeks, we’ve had family members in the House who were here to spread a loved one’s ashes on Mount Taranaki, couples celebrating their anniversary, a lovely bride and groom whom you can see and read about here:

and hosted the baby shower for dear friends of ours.

We get to honor and take care of people when they are experiencing the greatest joys of life.  Seeing a blushing bride put on her dress for the first time in front of dear friends and family makes me cry and get goosebumps.  Speaking to a nervous groom makes me feel very maternal and want to make jokes to take away any nerves. This wedding party was full of young enthusiasm and they were so very happy that you could actually feel their energy.

Making sure they are all hydrated, well fed, have a peaceful sleep and just know that we celebrate them is a beautiful honor for us.

I had the joy at the baby shower to experience the house as a guest.  Our friends had planned the event, and were so well organized, that I just got to sit back and enjoy.  I actually got to take some time to get ready, put some make up on and then sit and mingle with guests with a lovely glass of sparkling in hand.  It was a day of love and beauty (and fun.)  The garden is at the end of the summer glory, but the sun was shining, the table that Rod built was full, and we were all excited for the new mom and dad.

This House is special, and made even more so because of the memories it holds.   People enjoy being here – and if we can remember that, make a point of honoring and creating our own memories, then we will be here, happily, for many years to come.

As my mom says, “that’s what life is about!  Isn’t it?”

Hosking House is full of life.