Guests will be treated tomorrow to the House being filled with good smells of turkeys stuffed with sausage stuffing roasting,  and apple crisps crisping tomorrow as we take the chance to gather with friends and family on my most favorite day of the year….Thanksgiving.

Over 30 of us will fill the back garden, sit down together at a beautiful table filled with roses from the garden, mis-matched plates and cutlery making a shabby chic look.  On Thanksgiving in my family it doesn’t matter if your dishes match, or your gravy has a few lumps, its just about taking the time to make a beautiful meal, taking pause to sit with those you love, and be thankful for all that we have.  Wine will be poured, kids will fill the garden, laughter will be present in abundance.

We are blessed and truly thankful for each other, our dreams that have come true, what we’ve worked hard and sacrificed to achieve, our families, our friends, our beautiful local community, our kind guests who’ve helped us fill the House and spread word to friends and family and for all we have in this gorgeous corner of the world.

Ms. Weston may enjoy some leftovers and we will especially enjoy the day.

Even if you don’t celebrate – we wish you a happy, happy Thanksgiving and a bit of beauty and nourishment in honor of the tradition.