This weekend the rooms are full, and we will host over 1,000 people at the House for an amazing fundraiser, Deck the Rooms for Taranaki Women’s Refuge where we will have a Christmas Market, followed by over 30 friends and family for a joint American Thanksgiving in the garden.

This week has been full of preparation, gardening, putting the sails up,  creating garland and shopping and to-do lists.

I woke early this morning and went for a run.  After my turnaround point I headed down to the beach to search for a shell and had the most wonderful realization.  I get to spend my days doing exactly what makes my soul happy… and this is how I make my living.

As I sit down on Sunday amongst local friends and family, and with all of those I love who live far away in my mind, I will say a very hearty Thanks and raise a glass to the joy that this House brings me and the energy and dedication that we both contribute to create it.