Systems in place

IMG_0872In July we had a “GrabOne” deal which offered us the chance to not only fill the rooms, but to advertise nationally. These laundry bags became a frequent site on our front porch.

One of the biggest challenges as a new business is to get the word out there, and specifically within Taranaki it’s a case of “who you know” or more specifically “who knows you” that equals business success.

We had over 50 room nights did a long stretch of almost 2 weeks with a full house and were booked out 3 weekends in a row.  The house was bustling and in the midst of winter.

It was perfect!  It allowed us to get our own systems in place (knowing to boil the potatoes the night before so that they could just be chopped with onions and herbs for the next morning, baking whole wheat and white loaves of bread, how long breakfast service takes for six, how long it takes us to turn the rooms around, how much laundry stock we truly need on hand etc. etc..)

We had one booking error, 3 bottles of thank you wine gifted to us by guests (who even knew that would happen,) and a pretty tight schedule for us.  We loved it and receive the nicest reviews on Trip Advisor, and 5 pages of beautiful notes in our guest book.  We used feedback to adjust the way we used the front lounge and market the rooms – little tweaks and adjustments.

The joy for us is in the doing, and the running of this great House.  Knowing that people are off discovering this fantastic city, hearing of their adventures, helping people celebrate birthdays, romantic weekends, weekends ‘away from the kids’.

After just six months of having our doors open, we’re becoming known.  This impatient New Yorker, ex-hails and says, “Finally!”