DSC_0118The start of this New Year allows us to take a bit of a pause here at Hosking House.

Everyone did warn/advise us that ‘everything shuts down’ here in New Zealand for the holidays.  So we did as much as we could to move forward with finishing up stairs and then….we enjoyed ourselves a bit.  The weather has been hot and sunny and I am enjoying my first true beach weather summer since I left New York and moved to foggy San Francisco.

The New Year gives us the ability to think about our goals for the year ahead and firm up our resolutions.  I read Kristin Armstrong’s column for Runners World each week for inspriration and loved her latest about New Year’s Resolution and the difference between resolutions and goal setting.

Resolve means to make a firm decision about something, or make a formal expression of intention. A goal involves aiming for a target or setting an objective. So I might have a goal of losing 50 pounds, but my resolution would be to lead a healthier lifestyle. Making a firm decision about something involves something very powerful and important – our Yes.

Yes is huge. Yes is life-changing….”

Our lives changed tremendously in 2012 by moving to New Zealand.  2013 will see them change again with the realization of life long dreams and goals to open a guest house.

We are very good here at Hosking House about making goals.  I think it’s tied a bit that we are/were/still striving to be athletes and the connection between physical goals and resolutions.  You can have the goal of running a Marathon, but you can’t go out and run for 3 hours if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal and generally resolve to take good care of yourself.  As I’ve been known to like my wine, I love even more the amazing feeling after a long run.

Our goals for 2013 are lofty.  They fit into the definition of BHAGs and we cannot wait to keep our resolve and celebrate their accomplishment next December!

Hosking House 2013 Resolutions & Goals:

Goal Number One:  to become one of the top 3 rated places to stay in New Plymouth on Trip Advisor and one other ratings site.

As the ranking of these types of sites is determined by the guests, we resolve to put customer service as our main concern.  We enjoy taking care of people by nature and cannot wait to share this gorgeous house and this amazing city and region with those who enter our doors.

Goal Number Two: to exceed local occupancy rates.

We want Hosking House to be successful and a popular local place for people to stay when coming to New Plymouth.  We want to get the word out about what we are doing and help attract more people to come to this fantastic region that captured us.

I am a long, long way from my ‘home’ of New York.  I carry the decision of being away from family and friends on my shoulders every day, and the choice to be here, instead of there, is a huge one.  What makes it possible is faith, and my personal cheering section that I’ve found there, and now here.

Goal Number Three:  to be a part of the local festivals.

Whether its by being a part of the Garden Spectacular by hosting a dinner or event, or being selected to be a part of the Fringe Festival or some how supporting WOMAD or the Festival of Lights – this is such a rich city culturally and we are continually awestruck by the amazing things going on in this province and want to be involved in any way we can!

Goal Number Four:  to give back to the local community through charity

We want to donate 15% of our room nights to charity – we have some ideas on how to do this and who we want to partner with….more on this to come.

Goal Number Five:  to host wine events

Whether this is just one for the first year, or if we can really get things off the ground – we cannot wait to fill Hosking House with good, local wine and allow our guests to meet wine makers.  We are members of the New Plymouth Wine tasting club, have met many amazing wine makers since living here and have the most amazing wine cellar under our stairs.  It just needs to be filled =)

To meet these huge goals will requite a firm resolve and to first off, get the doors open!

We wish our friends and family an amazing year of success, joy, and happiness.  We cannot wait to meet the people and customers that will fill Hosking House.  We promise to take good care of them while they are here!

Happy Happy New Year!