Far from Home


Come Fly With Me

Share a story about the furthest you’ve ever travelled from home.

While the vast majority of our guests come from New Zealand and Australia, we do welcome many travellers from Europe, North America and Asia.

We’ve had guests from Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, China, US, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, New Caledonia and Belgium stay with us.  Many of these travellers have never been to New Zealand before.  It is wonderful to hear of their daily lives and of their adventures.   I love learning a bit about them, and their countries as well as their impression of ours.

We are blessed with a really good quality of life here in New Plymouth.  It takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to travel through this city.  There is a traffic jam (2 lane, no 8 lanes of traffic on the 405 in L.A. here,) at about 5pm each day here that maybe adds 2 minutes onto travel time.  We have hours at night before dinner to pursue hobbies, spend time together, to garden or just walk the dog.  People know each other and look after each other.  Children ride their bikes to school and I often see whole families riding together on the walk way.  Our beaches are clean and beautiful and very close.

We have some really good restaurants, a bustling art and theatre scene and a wine bar that we just LOVE.  It is one of my greatest joys to hear guests mention these things when they talk about our town.  They can really see why we decided to make it our home after many years of travel and adventures.  They see our happy yellow dog and understand why people would come ‘home’ here.

This House is full of stories – I am blessed to add to them.