Difference a Year Makes


A year ago we were heavily in the midst of putting the final touches on Hosking House and fighting desperately against the coming Holiday.  Everyone here kept warning us that the country shuts down from Christmas until late January.  That meant no deliveries, no couch for the front lounge, no orders, no moving forward.

We were desperately naive, totally focused on getting the doors open.  It was my first Christmas in New Zealand and I either was being my stubborn self and not listening or that my American background could not fathom that adults and children alike took a long extended time off to actually enjoy Summer.  Not since I was in high school have I done this (worked multiple jobs during university and since had never taken more than two weeks off straight.)

We finally, did all that we could on the House and then relaxed a bit, made some egg nog and got stuck in for a few days enjoying the warm weather, our backyard, kayaking, champagne breakfasts skyping with friends in London and New York and made ourselves merry. It was glorious!

This year, the promise of some time in the sun and time off over Christmas has kept us going these past few jammed-packed months.  We are eagerly awaiting a few days of down time (even though the House will have guests) from our day jobs and are firing up the oven with baking, the fridge with Champers and Nog, and the computer with anticipated visits with friends and family.  We will host Christmas dinner (a barbeque what else =) and toast to the joys of the season.

Wishing you time over Christmas to refuel, regroup and delight in the joys of the season – good food, wine, and time with friends and family.  Merry Merry Christmas!!