Day Twenty One


What have you been putting off doing? Why?

My to-do list for the business is pages long.  There are so many little tasks that I’d like to get done and want a few ‘office days’ to sit and do them.

I am still transitioning into the role of running this business full time.  Since December, I’ve stopped working my other job and have the sole responsibility of keeping the House going.  Rod and I joke that it’s our business, but my job (he of course still makes a bed or two, and can’t help but chat up the guests.)

I have turned a little space under the garage into a cute office with views right onto the garden.  A room of my own.

The business is starting to take on the characteristics of the seasons, slowly slowing down as we enter Autumn.  I will start having more time to focus more on the marketing and strategy of the House rather than the running of it.  The epic days of breakfast service going right into servicing the rooms, right into check-ins will calm down.

I too am trying to be open to this transition and not be too hard on myself for not tackling the many to-do’s.  I am grabbing onto the last hours of summer sunshine and allowing myself to take longer beach walks with Weston as the stress and anxiety of having to get out the door to ‘work’ ebbs.

Sometimes procrastination allows space for the really important things to come to the surface.  My list maybe long, but I know I have many afternoons ahead, sitting in my office, music playing, and rain falling, creating space to tackle each one as I wish.

Three years on, and life is starting to find a balance.  I’m glad I held on during the turbulence.