Free To Be Me
What’s the character trait you admire the most about yourself?

Optimism – I think overall, this trait has allowed me to answer ‘why not,’ when others come up with vasts lists of why.  Why something can’t happen, why it’s too hard, why it won’t work, why it’s too far, why they don’t have enough talent, or money or……

I just think, why not?  Why not try to get into and pay for college (and finish =) why not put my name forward for that job in San Francisco which began my living alone adventures, why not try running marathons and then ultras, why not work hard and create this business together.  I tend to think ‘maybe’ verses ‘maybe not.’

It’s a perspective of optimism that even if things don’t work out they way there were ‘supposed to’, that what you wind up with may be even more amazing than what you thought you’d encounter.

Rod and I moved into 1 Victoria Road in September and planned on being open in November.  (Gives me a good chuckle even now.)  We had a healthy dose of optimism coupled with being really naive!  The doors opened in February, and we had a wonderful holiday season to not only work hard, but relax a bit.  Exactly what we needed – all due to the fact that we were silly enough to even try!