Bonne Nuit


We celebrated Bastille Day last night with a lovely bottle of Chateau Neuf du Pape.  A rustic, big red wine for a cold, windy winters night.  This season is a quiet one here at the House.  After an epic busy year, it is a bit decadent and well, just a wee bit nice, to have some time to reflect, rest, regroup, restore.

We have the fire going each night, and during some days.  I find myself adjusting to the seasons in my new country.  It took me years to adjust when I moved first from New York to California, to actually see the subtle change of season.  It was nice to finally be able to detect the differences between summer and autumn there as I was used to four distinct seasons.  New Plymouth is a bit like California.  You can get days in the winter where you can wear shorts, and days in the summer when you need a big sweater.  It can rain for days straight and when the sun is shining, everything seems better, easier.

It unnerves me a bit that the House is quiet.  As much as we need a bit of a mental break from working so hard these past months, I just want the business to grow, for people to find us and experience the House.  I want the rooms filled, to be bustling, to know it will be a success.

It’s probably just going to be our cycle.  Busier in the spring through autumn, quiet in winter.  In years to come I may relish in it.  I might relax into it.

But for now….I’m still adjusting.