Beauty in the detail…


We’ve just celebrated the end to our second year in business!  Wahooooooo!  More detail to come on that and an epic celebration to plan (we like a good party here at the House.)

We constantly have many ideas of what we can do to improve and enhance the service we provide our guests and the House that they encounter during their stay.  Rod continues his rockstar building with custom projects all around the House and I’ve been focusing on ensuring that guests walk away feeling rested, well fed, and that they experience New Plymouth just they way they want to.  Foodies finding great local spots, the more athletically/adventure inclined experiencing all that this region has to offer, those in need of rest getting stuck into a great magazine and sinking into the comfy beds.

There are little, detailed things I have been wanting to do all year and I’m starting to check them off my list.  One was making House made granola/muesli.  It seemed so simple and most healthy cookbooks have a recipe for one that promises to be a clean way to start the day with less sugar and fat.

I combined recipes from my American favorite Ana Garten (Barefoot Contessa,) with new Kiwi darling Chelsea Winter‘s version and voila – a new House favorite.

Normally cereal is the big hit with our breakfast crowd.  The first week I served this, we went through an entire batch.  Rod was even asking this morning, “where is the rest of that muesli?”  It could be the fact that we are experiencing the busiest month we’ve ever had (wooohooo,) or that things made with love and from scratch actually do taste better (it had to be love as it was 11pm when I was making it.)

I’m happy to believe the latter and tuck into a bowl each morning myself!  (Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and muesli = yum.)