All About Us

Day Five –All About You
“Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you”IMG_0944

The name of my blog is the name of our business – Hosking House.  Once we found out that we got the House, we tossed around a few ideas for names.  “One Vic”, was a top contender for awhile…but really we kept coming back to Hosking House.

The name had a rich and full meaning for us.  Rodney left Taranaki and went to England to play rugby in Yorkshire when he was in his early twenties.  He fully expected to just be there a few years before coming back to New Zealand to become a dairy farmer on the family farm in Midhurst.  Year after year passed, and when his mom and dad were ready to retire – Rodney had changed his mind, and his future and his sister and brother-in-law stepped in to take it over.

So, with Rodney being the youngest child and only son, and his family being amazingly supportive of us and the business, we wanted their line of the Hosking name to continue to have a place in Taranaki.

The name Hosking House is in homage to the generations of Hosking families that have made their way in this amazing place.

Special honor or respect shown or expressed publicly.
-Something created or done in honor, admiration, or celebration of someone or something