A room of my own


We’ve had a bit of a switch-around in our personal space.  Rod was using a room under the garage for his workshop until I succeeded in convincing him that actually the 2-car garage would be a much better space.  Much more sun, more room.

I had my eye on this space for an office.  I had been working at the dining table in the combined living room.  That meant I had to pack up my things each day to make our living space look ‘tidy’ or I didn’t and it had piles of invoices, ideas for cooking,  books and files spread about the table.  Not a good look.

I spent one rainy spring day washing the walls of this space and Rodney built me a rustic wooden desk.  I’m filling it with pretty things that make me happy, gifts from friends and retreat to it each afternoon once done with the tasks of the House.

It is a room of my own where I can focus on the business end of the business, ponder the garden, and write.  I love this House.