A Fine Summer


We are in the midst of a fine, hot, sunny summer.  The House has been completely flat out-full, we’ve had our first of two weddings in the garden and have some really exciting things coming up for the year.

We celebrated the success of the wedding with a night camping on the beach in Oakura.  A night swim and a lovely glass of Pinot Noir watching the sun set was the ultimate way to pause and reflect on how the House is going.

We are about to open the House to two sets of brides and grooms this weekend and just in the midst of my preparation (which includes stocking up on the sparkling wine,) we received this beautiful review on Trip Advisor entitled “best in the west”:


The kindness of our guests who take the time to share their thoughts on their stay makes all the effort, energy and parts of our lives and selves that we put into this business a pure joy and pleasure.

My days do not feel like work.  They feel like caring for people and I delight in the beauty of this great old House and the stories our guests leave with us.

Summer 2015 is an epic one already.