High Spirits

This time next year, the new Len Lye Center will open here in New Plymouth. Together with the Govett Brewster Gallery and Puke Ariki they help create a rich artistic scene here in this small province.

We are “Friends” of the Gallery and were invited to attend a tour of the construction site.  As we walked around the building I couldn’t help but see little sculptures amongst the building materials.

The building will be an amazing addition to the city – it will be wrapped in reflective metal panels and will stand next to the more traditional gallery.  There is a true spirit here in Taranaki that pushes people to get behind and support things they are passionate about with their time, passion and money.  Arts, sports, music, theatre, parks, gardens….there is a phrase often used that “Taranaki punches above its weight.”

We fell in love with this region, with its rich vibrancy, quirky, passionate people and cannot wait to learn more about Mr. Lye and share his works with our guests!